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Another Fixed Gear Bicycle Tool





This is the “3wrencho” from Portland Design Works. It’s the coated version; they have a non-coated version also. The tool is made from heat-treated steel and coated with a glass filled nylon coating. It feels good in your hand and you won’t gouge up your nice rims when you use the other end to change the rubber. You can stand on it for leverage and with a little finagling, you can open cold beverages as the website states. It fits well in your pocket and after a month, it seems to be holding up quite nicely. She’s definitely worth the 20-25 dollars.


4.5 inches or 114mm in length

95 grams or 3.5oz in weight

https://www.ridepdw.com/goods/tools/3wrencho-coated   $25.00

http://www.amazon.com/Portland-Design-Works-Wrencho-Coated/dp/B003M2TLLC  $18.70

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