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Rapha Festive 500

This year I have a GPS, so I can actually participate in the #festive500 that Rapha puts on. Last year I sorta did it, but I didn’t have a GPS and I couldn’t count any of it. Of course   last year the weather was much nicer!



The idea is to ride 500km between 12/24 and 12/31.

All rides need to be outside (no trainers in the basement).






Day 1 (12/24/2012)

So my luck is as wonderful as ever! We start with 30° F and freezing rain! I managed to get in 35.5 km and then a long hot shower. The ride felt good and I learned that my shoe covers are not as “waterproof” as I like them to be. I also learned that I “NEED” a good pair of waterproof winter gloves. I lost feeling in my hands about 1/4 of the way into the ride and that was really the only bad part. It’s hard to shift, when you can’t feel your fingers! :)

Fenders might not be a bad idea either.

Yes that’s ice in the grass, it was freakin cold!



Day 2 (12/25/2012)

Christmas day! What did santa bring me? Well he was nice enough to keep the rain away! However, he replaced it with some wicked cold (12-15 mph) winds and dark clouds. So with the wind chill factor, it was about 20° F. I still got 40 miles (65 km) in, so it wasn’t a waste. Although I’m still trying to warm up, 4 hours later. Mental note –  I need to start saving for some Deep Winter Tights :)

Tomorrow is going to be a real test. The weather people are saying this could be the most snow we’ve seen in a long time! Woopie!


Day 3 (12/26/2012)

Well, it looks like someone is conspiring against me. Thanks Mother Nature (love you too).

Last night we got a couple inches of snow (so I thought I’d get the 29er and hit the woods). Then this morning the freezing rain started again! There’s a weather warning out and the plows around here are (well they’re not quick). Seeing as the trails are 20-30 minute away by car, I thought I’d ride a little around home. But the roads are way too icy and it became more like ice skating. After 2km I said enough. The cars are bad when it’s dry, horrible when it’s wet and I think they have orders to hit you when the roads are like this.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better! Or, it’s time to get a Pugsley! :)


Day 4 (12/27/2012)

More snow, although the road crews are starting to clean things up a bit. Rode for little while, but the motorists were nuts, so called it a day.

Day 5 (12/28/2012)

A little sun today, but no ride. Promised the little one that we’d go to the Center of Science and Industry. He’d done a perfect job on one of his papers and that was the reward he picked. So we drove to Columbus and spent the day there. We had a blast and I rode the trainer in the basement. No miles but it was worth it to see him so happy!

Day 6 (12/29/2012)

4 or 5 more inches of snow last night. The road crews got it all cleaned up fairly quickly. But, it was right around the freezing temp and the roads were wet and sloshy. I need fenders or my butt and back are going to lose all feeling! Inadequate water proofing + freezing temps = short rides :(



Day 7 (12/30/2012)

A little more snow, but more family activities had been planned. No ride today :(


Day 8 (12/31/2012)


It’s not going to happen, but I’ve had a fun time and I’ve learned what I need to make my rides more comfortable. So, it’s not a waste. I’ve also got a few really great rides in and I’ve seen some beautiful roads. I’ll start purchasing the right gear for next year and I’ll look back at the last week with fond, if not frozen memories.



blisterMy blister from wet hands all day :)




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